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The Rotary Club of West Shore has been helping communities near and far since 2003 and is a proud member of Rotary International.

Our club meets through meetings, fundraisers, social events, and volunteer projects, our members learn about the issues facing our community and communities all over the world. We bring together leaders to share ideas and take action. 

The Rotary Club of West Shore is particularly active in projects related to literacy, education and alleviating unhealthy living conditions. For example, the Club provides volunteers to read with First Nations children in Metchosin and helped found a successful girls’ school in Malawi, Africa.


We believe if you have the desire to give back to your community then you can be a Rotarian. We understand that we all lead busy lives and it can be hard to find a place to fit giving back to your community.

The Rotary Club of West Shore is proud to be flexible and adaptable to members who have career and family obligations. We don’t expect you to attend every meeting but contribute to the club in a way that suits your life. Children are also always welcome and encouraged to join our meetings and events.

 Our club offers opportunities for our members — and those interested in making a difference — to take action. If you’re looking to roll up your sleeves and make meaningful change in our community and the world, we hope you’ll join us!



The main objective of Rotary is service — in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today’s most critical issues and causes. The Rotary motto is Service Above Self.
West Shore Rotarians understand the importance of volunteering and have given their time to help many local and international organisations. Find out more here. If you have a desire to give back, then Rotary is for you!


We organise fundraisers to raise money to give back to communities near and far. Key events in the past have been our Rotary Golf Ball Drop, Chilli Cook off and Lobster Fest. Members are expected to help out with these events and promote them.


While many networking and social groups exist in the WestShore communities, few offer the opportunity to form as deep a connection with peers and make as lasting an impact as Rotary. Members also are able to regularly network, resulting in lifelong friendships and business connections. We are community and business leaders representing different professions, experiences, and perspectives. You have the opportunity to mix with similar minded people at club meetings, volunteer, fundraising and social events.

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Postal Address: PO Box 28016, RPO Westshore, 2945 Jacklin Road, Victoria, BC, V9B 5E3

Email: info@westshorerotary.com

Our Meetings: We meet online most Fridays at 12:15, all are welcome. Find out more here.